Quartzsite, Arizona

We made it to Quartzsite a day earlier than had planned but was still able to check in to 88 Shades RV Park. We reserved a site for a month because it is cheaper to do that. $375 a month plus electric so very inexpensive and honestly the park needs some major updates so the price fit the park. On the plus side, it did come with cable tv which is a great amenity for Johnny ( he loves to watch movies at night ). I was even happy with the cable it had hallmark channel – no hgtv but after all, we were in the desert can’t have everything…

We had a camel come to the RV Park to visit us. The owner of the park Johnson sponsors a camel and on this particular day they had the Hi Jolly parade in town which includes camels and after the parade, Johnson has the camel trainer bring his camel to the park so everyone could see him and take pictures- pretty dang cool! Now to explain the camels and the man Hi Jolly that they celebrate. A little-known fact about this town of Quartzsite. Hi Jolly became his name once he came to America but he was born Hadjii Ali ( born ) 1828 -1902 ( death ) his parents were Syrian/ Greek parentage. In 1856 he became one of the first drivers ever hired by the US Army to lead the camel driver experiment in the Southwest. Hi Jolly became a living legend until his death. He was the lead driver in the US Army’s experiment with the U.S. Camel Corps in using camels in the dry deserts of Southwest. After successfully traveling round trip from Texas to Calif, the experiment failed, partly due to the problem that the Army’s burros, horses, and mules feared the large animals, often panicking, and the tensions of the American civil war led Congress not to approve more funds to the corp. So the Army let Hi Jolly go and he purchased a few camels from the Army and ran a freight service for a while but that business was unsuccessful so he released his camels in the desert near the Gila Bend. In his final years, he moved to Quartzsite where he did scouting for the US government until his death in 1902. So every year the town of Quartzsite celebrate Hi Jolly life. The End!

We actually came to Quartzsite to see one of the largest RV shows they have in the US with vendors and a huge gem show as well. That is what Quartzsite is known for. We follow www.motorhomeexperiment.com on youtube and one of there videos showed the area so we thought we would check it out. As well as us coming we were hoping motorhome experiment would be there so we could meet up with them. They did come along with www.veganrv.com so we were part of a couple meetups and solar talk and bonfires. Pretty cool group of people and just goes to show you how easy it is to meet new people in all stages of your life. If you’re reading my blog because of the interest in being a fulltime RV-ER our advice go for it! It a great life -really it is!

themotorhomeexperiment ( Paul & Lorena )

veganrv ( Kevin & Laura )

We took a ride to the nearest town Parker AZ to visit a very unique bar. The name of it is Desert Bar/ Nellie E Saloon. Once you see the pictures you will understand the name…it was about a 40-mile drive to the cutoff then down a five-mile dirt/rock road to get to the bar. Also, a great place to ride your ATV/4 wheeler. It a quirky, rustic watering home, built on the site of a former mining camp, only open oct-april ( weekends only ) and they only accept cash! The place was pretty awesome and very busy. Thanks, to Motorhome Experiment for sharing the place with us…

As you can see John made it to the top of the mountain! Here’s a look inside the bathrooms ( below) which as you can see was carved right out of the mountain. Very unique fun place to visit. A must do if you are in the area!

Next up would be the RV show and vendor booths. We spent several days going there. We were able to ride our bikes to/ from each time which was very cool. Found some good buys on a few things and was able to get outside light for the bus. We toured several new/ used rvs in all kinds of price ranges with lots of cool upgrades and some used ones that weren’t so cool ( stained carpet/smokers ) at the end of the day John and I decided our coach is the best one. We are very blessed.

New peace sign for the bus and Johnny got him a cowboy hat. What a cutie he is in his new hat…

We stopped at the local bar called Silly Al’s with its vintage decor and inexpensive drinks it a must stop while in Quartzsite. Right next to it is a small museum where you can learn about the town history and see some of the rocks that they have found in the area. The gal that volunteers at the museum told us that someone had just found an ounce of gold only two feet below the ground. How cool is that!

On our way back to the RV Park we pass over several creek beds ( that what I call them ) but they have no water. In Arizona, it is called a wash bed which actually just means a habitat to indicate their relationship with rivers. It occurs in the flat bottoms of canyon and drainage that lack water at or near the surface most of the year, and are subject to periodic severe flooding. Who knew🤷🏼‍♀️

Of course, we went to mass in the local church. Had a spag dinner one night as well. We so enjoy interacting with the local town people, but as with us, there is a lot of people from different parts of the US. Makes for very interesting small talk at these functions. Selfie was taken of course with Father Richard.

It was time to leave Quartzsite and I am so glad we came but it would not be a place I would return to unless in the area. For RV-ERS that like to boondock, there are hundreds and hundreds of places to do so on what they call BLM land. You can stay up to two weeks for a mere forty dollars and they do have fresh water and a dump station available. We may do that for a few days on our way back next year ( for the experience of boondocking with nothing but mountains and stars around you ) but for now, it was time for us to head down the road to Yuma where we will spend the next three months. Thanks so much for following our journey and we certainly hope you love seeing the country through our eyes as much as we enjoy sharing with each and every one of you guys.

Arizona Bound

January first we left Indian Creek Rv Park and headed west. Our first stop would be New Orleans where we would stay at Lake Pontchartrain Landing Marina & RV Park.

It sat right on the water and we had a great spot and a great view of the marina and some cool looking houseboats ( maybe our next adventure – 🤷🏼‍♀️ )

We took the van to downtown New Orleans that the RV Park has available ( six dollars round trip ) walk the streets it was calling for rain, but we were well prepared with rain jackets, umbrellas, and dressed in layers. After walking Bourbon street for a while Johnny wanted to find a bar that he remembered from back in the ’80s when he was last in New Orleans. It was a bar that had dueling pianos…we found it and actually had dinner and then moved to the bar to have drinks and listen to the music. It was females playing the piano pretty interesting and very cool. The crowd seemed to be a tad younger than us but we still enjoyed the whole night.

He was awesome at playing the tray! Johnny wanted me to give him a tip! Very interesting talent tray playing lol….

It was time to head back to the drop-off point to catch our ride back to the RV Park. It was pouring rain and if you know us I walk fast Johnny walks slow. Usually, I stay with John but did I mention it was pouring rain, yes we had rain jackets and umbrellas but we were still getting rained on. So we head out me mainly leading we keep walking Johnny walking too slow for me I’m telling him, Johnny come on we are going to miss our ride. People on the street are telling him as they pass him you better hurry up John your going to miss the van. We keep walking and now John says we are going the wrong way, no no we aren’t John hurry up walk faster I tell him., Sure enough, we miss the pick up time and had to call Uber. Once we get home to get dry it then gets funny because neither one of us had the presence of mind to read the map that the van driver gave us OR use my 8 plus iPhone that could have taken us to the exact spot we needed to be picked up at. It can be an adventure when we go out and alcohol is involved and directions need to be figured out. New Orleans is a must stop and it was on our bucket list now ✅ off our list!

We left New Orleans to our next stop San Antonio, Texas. We would arrive at Hidden Valley RV Park where we were greeted by the nicest person ever in an RV Park. Actually, the people of San Antonio were all very nice and helpful. John and I think probably the nicest people we have come across so far. Along the way, we crossed some very very old bridges that I was a bit nervous about crossing. We, of course, crossed all of them with no issues. We went to Mass on Sunday and had to have some tires put on the Kia and visited the local Mall had lunch then headed back to the RV Park to take Lucy on a walk and catch a pretty cool sunset…

We attended mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus founding date is June 1935. Selfie with Father is icing on the cake after an awesome mass. Thank you, Father 🙏🏻✝️

Lucy enjoyed our walk around the RV Park and then up the hill to catch the San Antonio sunset

The next day we went to downtown San Antonio. We first visited the Alamo which was very cool and free to go through. If you want a guided tour then you have to pay for that. You are not allowed to touch any of the walls and at the time of our visit, some area was being renovated to stay as true to the mission as they can. As you may or may not know that actually what the Alamo was ” A Mission”. No pictures were allowed to be taken inside the Alamo either.

After we conquered the Alamo we walked to the Riverfront. Wow it is so cool there you walk through the Hilton and it takes you to where restaurants, shops are. You can take a boat ride through the waterfront which is about a 40-minute ride and you get the scoop on most of the history of San Antonio. One thing that we learned was when they built the Hilton ( right across the street from The Alamo ) they had to build it with certain glass in the windows so they did not cast a shadow on the Alamo. Who knew

We had dinner at The Casa Rio right on the riverwalk and I enjoyed one of the best Margaritas I’ve had in a while ( other than Johnny’s ) and John had a local beer…Alamo Golden Ale…It was a great night as we walked the riverwalk and then headed over to the Cathedral.

This is where heroes of the Alamo remains are. Inside the Cathedral…San Fernando Cathedral is from the 18th century and it was the first Catholic church built in San Antonio. The church was named after Ferdinand the third Castile, who ruled in the 13th-century. It is also notable one of the oldest active cathedrals in the US. Amazingly beautiful and these pictures do not show its beauty. I absolutely love that we can visit all these amazing places..we certainly are blessed. After the tour of the beautiful Cathedral, we walked back to the river walk and took a boat tour through the downtown. Pretty cool thing to do cost was only 20 dollars for both and well worth the trip. It a 40-minute ride through the waters of downtown San Antonio…tour guide was pretty cool guy as well. If you are in the area it a must see in our opinion….

It was time to leave San Antonio and continue our journey to Arizona. Our next stop was something on Johnny bucket list Tombstone AZ. The speed limit increased ( a lot ) and we would pass through a checkpoint. At the first one they had dogs out but they just ask John how many were in the RV and let us go on down the road. I guess The Mickeypeacebus didn’t seem to be a threat especially with two old people like us on the bus with a crazy cavapoo barking at them 🤦‍♀️

We had stopped in a rest area for the night and when we woke this was the amazing sunrise we woke up to in New Mexico. Doesn’t get much better than this! We are truly blessed…

This is the checkpoint we had to go through…everyone has to go through it. This was before the govt shutdown I would assume they probably are lots tighter during the shutdown. Even though they didn’t seem to be having any issues when we passed through. It was very interesting as I had no idea we would deal with this. Once we crossed over into New Mexico / Texas obviously lots closer to the Mexico border.

Between San Antonio and Tombstone, the traffic slowed down a bit so I drove the bus we were traveling on me – 10 so it was pretty easy going. I didn’t drive but a half hour or so just to get the feel of the rig. The steering is very loose so I need more drive time before I can say I’m good. At the time 30 mins were all I could handle with Johnny being the co-pilot 😏 To get to Tombstone we would get off I-10 and have to travel about 20 miles down some back roads. So once again another checkpoint. This one was quick and simple no dogs and they just said how many and have a good day. Whew! Two checkpoints in one day, but we did it! The next day we took the van service at the RV Park to Tombstone. It was chilly and rainy but we didn’t care we only had one day so we had to go see the town. As soon as we got dropped off we were greeted by a gun-slinging cowboy waiting on us to go see the re-enactment of a few the gunfights at the local saloon. it was the gunfight palace and they do a great job of taken you back and re-enacting the wild west.

After that show, we walked the famous Allen Street down to the Ok Corral. They do the same thing there is a re-enactment of the shoot out of the OK Corral. The showdown lasted 30 seconds left three cowboys dead and Virgil and Morgan Earp wounded. Actual place of the shooting still there amazing did you know that? Pretty cool….

This is the actual site of the big shoot out at The OK Corral. They say 30 bullets in 30 seconds was the entire gunfight.

John with Doc Holiday and the Earp Brothers telling them not to shoot! After this Johnny said he was starving I guess watching all those men getting shot makes a man hungry. So we strolled on over to Big Nose Kates Saloon, she was Doc Holiday’s girlfriend ( first known prostitute in the town of Tombstone ) and one of the witnesses to the gunfight at the OK Corral. The Saloon is in the place where the Grand Hotel was back in the day of the wild west. This was the best part of the day for me. I was chilled to the bone after watching the 30-minute gunfight ( in the rain ) and ( sitting on cold metal benches) so I was ready to hit the saloon and have us some whiskey and grub…

The menu was an old newspaper with stories about the Wild West and food picks all rolled up in one..very cool

Even had a gunslinger at the bar. The girls dressed like they did in the 1800s and there was live music and lots of stuff hanging off the walls. It was good food good drinks and very inexpensive town to visit and be a tourist in. Several museums to see and you actually get a copy of the newspaper from the day after the shoot out of the ok corral with the story being told about whether the Earp brothers were murders or not? They concluded after 30 days of testimony that the Earp brothers along with Doc Holiday were not to be charged with murder…

We drank our whiskey ate our grub than headed over to the museum with a stroll on the famous Allen Street ( main road down the center of town ) before leaving the Old West behind and seeing how things were in the 1800s. In the days of The Earp’s and Doc Holiday Tombstone was a bustling town of about 8000 people. Pretty cool!

Johnny on the famous Allen Street trying not to get killed….

Time for us to leave Tombstone and head down the road to our final destination Quartzsite AZ. We will stay there for the month of January…

Happy New Year! One Year on the Mickeypeacebus!!!

We had a fabulous December with friends Kathy and Vern. Steve and Ellie stopped down Ft Myers Beach and we had lunch and drinks..Kathy & Vern brought in the New Year with us which was fun. Dinner at Phil’s and then back to cloud nine ( there 44 trawler/motor Yacht ) where would catch up with old marina acquaintance and Nancy, Kasey & Travis stopped over for a while. We also spent time with Willis!

Family time and Sacred Heart Church was the absolute best. We were only in Southwest Florida one month so we made the best of it. We stayed 3 miles from Randy, Kim & Corey so we had lots of fun times with them.

We went to the Boat Parade at Salty Sam’s on the Blue Turtle ( Randy & Kim’s 40 ft trawler) our second year enjoying that with them.

The next day we would get to see Santa with The strand Family ( my beautiful granddaughter & family ) Heather, Nick & Emily too! After that, it was Maddie 3 BD so much fun and then we rolled right into spending as much time with family as we could. It was an amazing month and the best Christmas Eve ( midnight mass ever )

Even though things aren’t always perfect We try to enjoy the moment and the time with family is priceless.

We had family dinners on the peace bus along with family breakfasts we had Christmas Eve at Britt’s house where Cody deep fried the perfect turkey ( you out did your self Grandson😉) we went to the Japanese Steakhouse to celebrate Kim’s side of the family BD we went to Salty Sams and saw Elvis with Kim, Randy & Corey ( John had a blast ) Me not so much 🙄 but great memories for sure. We went to Headpinz and bowled with Randy, Kim, Corey, Cody, Britt & Girls John and myself. Papa John kicked everyone butt🤔.

We opened gifts with Randy, Kim & Corey on the peace bus for the first time!

Maddie 3rd Bd party ”Unicorns Rock”

First Christmas on The PeacebusJack & Ashley’s House 2018

Four Generation missing my Mom so much😇

We had dinner at Heathers n Nick served by Chef Nick with there new air fryer Santa brought them. Dinner was yummy! Great job Nick!

Too many pictures taken, lots of memory and laughter for sure. We are on the road again until November 2019…We hopefully will see some of you either in Arizona ( Tammy & Scott ) Vegas ( Heather, Nick, Jack, Ashley, Britt & Cody) onto Utah, Wyoming ( maybe see Randy, Kim & Corey ) everyone welcome – friends too. We just need a heads up!




We left Nashville and heading to my brother’s place in Alabama…we would spend a few days here at The Hidden Hollow RV Park. It a very nice park and very convenient for us to spend time with my brother Ronnie and his family. Most of you probably already know this but my brother is fighting terminal cancer. After a couple of days with him, we would move on to Florida and stay in a state park…

Uncle John & Jax…

My brother Ron, my nephew Chris and me at my brother’s house in Cottonwood….

Picture of the mickeypeacebus at the Park…me driving the bus out of the park and a shot of the lodge that they have there as well. The place was super nice. They had built it to be a casino but they were not able to get all the necessary permits ( I believe ) so it a place to play bingo/ lodge and RV Park all in one. Definitely a nice place. Check out their website. www.hiddenhollowrvpark.com

We left Alabama & went to High Springs, Florida with a stop in Crestview to pick up our mail…on the way to Blue Springs State Park I was talking on the phone to Teacher Gerald and Johnny took the wrong turn..now keep in mind we have traveled about 8 thousand miles and not once have we had an issue with making a wrong turn and ended up in a dead end till now. When we are in our home state. It was too funny. We did manage to be able to back the rv up and not have to disconnect the car & trailer.

We spent a few days at Blue Springs State Park did some kayaking…Very secluded area and primitive park it actually just got taken over by the state and there are a lot of possibilities for the Park if they just invest some time and money in it. The springs were absolutely beautiful…

Our next stop would be Disney World…it has been a couple years since John and I had been there and to take the Peace Bus there was going to be a great adventure for us. We spent four days there, never enough time but we did have Nancy and Kasey come to visit so off to Disney Springs we went. Spent the afternoon and night shopping and having dinner at Planet Hollywood. They have done an amazing job with Disney Springs and it is a must see if you are on going to Disney.

While waiting for the bus to come to take us to Disney Springs we had these guys show up and as you can see they were not a bit concerned with us. So you know they definitely love hanging out and calling Fort Wilderness there home….that was very cool.

That’s Kasey crazy dessert she ordered and shared it with Johnny, of course. Dinner at Planet Hollywood was good and they had remodeled the Restaurant since the last time John and I had been there. All for the better it was a much-needed update. Nancy & Kasey headed back to there resort to head home the next day and John and I would do Epcot next. Before Epcot, we would spend some time exploring Fort Wilderness and do some shopping.

John with the whole world in his hands….

We really enjoyed Epcot we did the crash dummy track saw how to grow your own food soared Cross country ate lunch at an authentic United Kingdom pub traveled from America to Canada, Mexico, Germany, China, Japan just to name a few countries and on the way home found Mickey…

The night before we were to leave Fort Wilderness Randy, Kim, Corey, and Sophie arrived to spend the next few days with us at Flager Beach. On Saturday Corey would have a competition in Orlando at a Cable Park. He took second place in the competition ( we were surprised he didn’t take first ) he is one amazing grandson and we could not be more proud of him!

After spending the afternoon at the cable park John, Kim, Sophie, Lucy and myself take the peace bus to Flagler beach actual to Roger Gamble State Park which is located on Flagler Beach. We would spend the next four days there. The beach access was just across the street so Randy and Corey could get some surfing in. The water was freezing though but the guys didn’t seem to care as they were out there each day for a few hours.. At night Corey had plenty of options…bike ride, take the Kia for a spin or build a bonfire. Whatever he does he does well!

Randy having some one on one time with his fur baby sissy…

It would be time to say goodbye to Randy, Kim, Corey, and Sophie and we would catch up with them in a few weeks as we are staying close to them for the month of December in Fort Myers Beach. We would head about two hours west to Lake Griffin State Park and spend four days there. This State Park was close enough for us to go visit Kathy & Vern in Ocala and also go visit my Aunt Doris who lives in Deltona ( my mom’s sister ) we spent a fantastic Thanksgiving Day with Kathy and Vern. They outdid their self as they always do when we visit. We love our time in The Leslie’s Pub, and Thanksgiving dinner was awesome!

This is one of the oldest oak trees around. The age is between 300- 500 years old…who knew?

Love, love my Aunt Doris she is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. She tells it like it is and if you don’t like it too darn bad!!! She is a younger version of my Mom and I am a younger version of them both. I’m very proud to say that too!!!

Next stop Kathy and Vern celebrating Thanksgiving with some amazing friends…life is good

We truly are so blessed to be able to travel the way we are and be able to spend time with the people we love. Life is good for us and we can not wait to make more memories down the road…we would go back to Roger Gamble State Park this time we would have a site on the beach side with a perfect view of the beach and the awesome sound of the waves crashing in on the beach. Awe..what an awesome sound to hear as you fall to sleep.

We did drive through Daytona and spend two days in St Augustine which is pretty cool. They have the National Park ( fort ) there so I was able to get a stamp in my passport book in St. Augustine and also we stopped at Fort Matanzas and got my book stamped there too. Too cool!

St. Augustine was a revisit for John and I at different times in our life’s we both had visited the city but now we would visit it together and it was beautiful…from the fort to the amazing Christmas lights on display and the beautiful reflections of the boats off the water…

It was time to start the trek South with a stop in Sarasota and one in North Port before finding our way to Indian Creek in Fort Myers Beach for the month of December…

Myakka State Park is a great state park. Not sure if all my readers understand but if you are a Florida resident and 65 or older ( A.K.A. Johnny ) you get half off at all state parks in Florida. It an absolutely great deal with some pretty awesome parks right in our backyard. Myakka State Park was a great choice and we were able to poke around a bit and do a small trail walk and visit the Canopy walk where you climb 76 feet in the air above the tree line.

After our over nite stay at Myakka, we would head farther south to North Port and spend the night in our first ever Walmart so we could catch up with some family in the area before we headed farther south to Fort Myers Beach. Dinner at Cracker Barrel with some family …The next day we would head to Indian Creek RV Park where we will spend the month of December with friends and family in Fort Myers Beach.

Mickey Peace Bus parked at the Walmart in Northport!!!

We will continue the blog once we start out next year and head to Arizona for the winter …We want to wish each and every one of you Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year and we will catch you all on the other side. Thank you so much for following along while we criss-cross the USA…in The MickeyPeaceBus

www.harvesthosts.com ( if you are RV-ing check this site out before the end of the year the price will increase in 2019 )

Nashville, Tennessee

We left the mountains of NC and headed to Music City where we would spend a week at The Grand Ole’ RV Park. At check in the gal in the office said they were under a red alert, which meant flooding ( lots of rain ) but she said not to worry because our site should be ok. We did have the best spot ( we thought ) right off the perfect corner…

That the Peace Bus in the background and as you can see it a great site..the next day we decided to go check out downtown Nashville as on Friday night we had tickets to go see the grand ole’ Opry house…parking is always a dilemma in the downtown areas that we visit. Nashville did not disappoint us in this area either. John and I think investing in a parking lot business in a major city is a smart idea. We find a place to park minimum four hours= 24$ so not too bad. Off to check out the bars. The last time John & I were here was in 2015 when John asks me to marry him at The Gaylord Opryland Resort. Downtown had several new bars that open that were country stars. Our first stop was Tin Roof it was an oldie but goodie bar and had the cheapest drinks in town $3 beer (not bad for John budget )

We moved on to Dierks Bentley’s place to eat and more music. Most bars have three levels and bands at each level/ rooftop as well. Bentley’s place was pretty cool new ( opened in June ) along with several other country artists …the band there was not the greatest but we did eat and had a few drinks..

After we figured out where The Ryman was ( Grand Ole’ Opry House ) we decided to go check out the bars on the other side of the street. Broadway is the main road and there are bars after bars with music playing and in between record stores, boot barn and anything country you may want. Kid Rocks Bar would be our next stop and Johnny boy got to hang out have a beer and meet some “Nashville Bad-Asses”

Next stop was Luke ( Bryan ) 32 Bridges Bar w/ six floors and a rooftop sushi bar. Doesn’t get much better than that. The name was inspired by a bridge near his hometown of Lee County, Georgia. We are huge Luke fans so this was a must stop for us!

The next day was one of the reasons we came to Nashville to go to The Ryman where the Grand Ole’ Opry is held. We saw a mix of artist some new ( Michael Ray/ Carly Pearce ) some old ( Ricky Skaggs) and it was awesome. Not a bad seat in the place and we so enjoyed the night. Its definitely a must in our opinion if you go to Nashville.

Saturday John & Judy arrived. They were going to stay one night with us at the RV then a few more nights in downtown Nashville at a new hotel that just opened. Off to downtown Nashville, we headed again with John & Judy after hanging out at the Campground for the afternoon with them. John had never been to Music City and Judy had not gotten to see much on a previous trip she made. We did a few bars but no pictures as it was night time. John and Judy loved the town. The next day we would go to the Opryland Hotel. This is the place John ask me to marry him ( after he downed a double cc/7up ) not sure if he was nervous about the question or the answer he was about to get. 🤷🏼‍♀️ this resort is absolutely beautiful and it was in between seasons. Fall was on it way out and Christmas on it way in…our first stop was the bar where John proposed ( how sweet he wanted to stop there first ) for his double cc & 7…again. I’m not sure but I think he may be drinking for a different reason now. 🤦‍♀️

After we had our drinks we walked around the resort John and Judy did the boat ride through the waterways they have going through the resort. The night we got engaged we had done that as well…it pretty awesome just a 15 mins boat ride but you get a lot of history about who has visited, etc…so we opted to do some sightseeing of the resort and a little shopping. It beautiful and I think we have decided we will come back for a long weekend and stay at the Gaylord ( no RV )

After the boat ride, we decided to eat somewhere an John was determined to find the place we ate at the last time there because we meet Jose ( Jesus ) where he bought us a drink and then puff he was gone!🤷🏼‍♀️ so we walked through the resort till John was sure the place we stopped at was the place. Had a few drinks and some lunch which was very good and off we went back to the RV…

JR and John decided to play us some music first…and then John and Judy decided to show us how to exit the resort..

The next day we met John & Judy at the there hotel (downtown Nashville) and had drinks on the rooftop of the new Cambria Hotel just right off of Broadway…pretty cool hotel with its own barn door for the bathroom door and a smart mirror. It hooks up to your smartphone and plays music while you are??? lol getting ready to go out…pretty cool stuff we think. From the hotel, we would walk downtown to drink ( cuz’ that what Kalisik do ) and then eat…we decided in Blake Shelton’s bar which is way cool too. The music was great ( some guy from the voice ) chicken was delicious and the drinks were good as well….especially my coke a cola😏 After lunch it was time to check out a couple more bars and then we would say goodbye to the Rutters till our next meet up with them in Somewhere, USA…Life is Good….

Batman building downtown Nashville was taken from uptown.

John and JR in Ole Red Restaurant Blake Shelton’s Restaurant…the name came from his 2001 one-hit Ol Red that made him a star…the restaurant is a must see while in Nashville. It was time for our goodbyes to John & Judy we needed to get back to the RV bad weather was coming ( again ) and we were heading out the next day to head to Alabama to see my brother and family.

Now for the rest of the story….

We get home John gets everything done and then the rain starts we have tornado watch then it goes into a warning it now 10 pm. John says we better get in the car until the warning passes. So we stay in the car for about 20-30 mins. It raining but nothing to talk about. The bad weather is located right in the corner of Nashville where we are!!! Once the warning passes back in the RV we go. Then the rain starts…we hear rv, trucks, and a bunch of noise trying to figure out what going on. At first, we think the majority of the people in the rv park are all gathering upfront where the activity building is, BUT then we see rv starting to moving around…it raining this whole time but it just been about an hour since it started..then a truck swings up by us and flashes his lights on the water and we are like holy cow look at that water rising. John runs out to look and sure enough, it starting to come up quick and we have to get out of there. I mean like NOW and evacuating a 40-foot bus, trailer, and car at midnight is no small task. After John got everything in motion someone from the park finally came over and told us we had to leave the park and had to go to an industrial park because the roads out of the RV Park was flooded going in either direction. He was kind enough to move the Kia to the higher ground till I got done securing stuff inside the RV for John to move it…it took quite a bit of time for them to organize all these RV moving but once we did we headed across the road to industrial park. I am in the Kia John in RV pulling the trailer. We swing into this area where all the parking lots appear flooded ( pitch dark no lights ) then we come upon this tractor and trailer who missed the turn into the already flooded parking lot and his rig is on its side. I’m like holy shit ( I’m in front of John ) I continue down this road till we finally start going up a bit and find a dry area. Right next to Perdue Chicken warehouse! We park in front of some other docks ( bad idea but he has nowhere else to go ) and try to sleep. We have no idea how much water got in but John pretty sure it got into our storage area ( we call it our basement ) The next morning we are awoken by the sounds of a horn going off ( 530 am ) a woman telling John you got to move this bus she has trucks heading in to load up. So that how our day started as we leave Nashville after our third evacuation in as many months. Never a dull moment…catch you done the road in a different state!

Pineola, NC

We arrived at Down By The River Campground excited and happy to be in the beautiful mountains of NC. We had been in this area briefly in May to visit Mike and Ellen but other than that we knew very little about the area. We were excited to get started exploring and to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway…

Off we went to Mt Mitchell the highest elevation east of the Mississippi to Maine.

My fav guy with our fur baby on the trail…

Mt.Mitchell is North Carolina first State Park and name after Elisha Mitchell.

John just a-rockin’ waiting to be called for our table at the Restaurant Mt. Mitchell State Park.

On to our next stop, Linville falls…the height of the falls is 150 ft. History states that this is where the local Native Americans executed prisoners… No one has ever survived the falls over the final plunge, except for a kayaker Pat Keller in 2010…I also was able to get a stamp for my passbook for the falls/ blue ridge parkway.

Our next experience with this crazy weather was being told we had to evacuate from the RV. We could leave the Bus but we had to leave. We weren’t too crazy about leaving the bus but it was pouring down rain and the creek was rising. So off we went to another town for the day. Hoping to come back and all would be good.

Before we left…

And then we were able to return to park late afternoon same day..this RV park is beautiful taken care of and landscaped nicely but sad to say, Kim ( office person/ owner? ) is definitely not a people person. You aren’t kept in the loop about anything unless of course, you read the calendar posted in the bathhouses that I do not use.

Rain, rain & more rain for a few more days that week. On Saturday we went to visit my cousin Kevin and his wife Polly in Pickens SC.

While we were there he took us to some great state parks and a pumpkin festival. John was even able to get his picture taken with one of his name sakes REBEL..

Great time to catch up with Kevin and meet his wife Polly. Hope to be back in their area again to spend more time with them. Family time is very important to us…

Awesome way to end the afternoon walking the towns pumpkin festival…Thank you, Polly and Kevin, till next time…

This area is so beautiful, and lots to do. John really fell in love with this place. We checked out some ”forever home” possibility as well.

It came with a view of the Lake and a golf course but for now, we will stay with the Mickey Peace Bus…

The long-awaited visitors finally arrived. Our great friends Melissa and Bill were in from Florida to spend a few days with us..also at the same time our Marina buddies were home from Florida Ellen and Mike who have there home in Marion which is about 30 mins from where we were staying and one of the reasons we picked this area to stay in. So off we all went to Crabtree Falls.

It a 60 ft waterfalls right off the Blue Ridge Parkway…great hiking with a 4 mile ( strenuous ) loop but us old people ( John & myself ) had no problems and we brought our fur babies too. Absolutely amazing hike!

Spending the day with good friends PRICELESS…

On Monday we drive to Damascus Va which was a little over an hour drive. We were going to do The Virginia Creeper. John & I like to do bike rides and this one has been on my bucket list since Mike told me about it a few years ago. The trail was named after the steam engine that crept up the rails into the Iron Mountains. Also, a plant called the ”Virginia Creeper” grew along the tracks..in 1986, the Rails-To-Trails Conservancy began converting old railroad beds into trail systems for hikes and bikers. We opted for the 17-mile trail. We drove to Damascus and they shuttled us to the top of Whitetop Mountain ( shuttle cost 16 dollars each ) bike rental is available as well but we brought our bikes with us. The ride is all downhill and great views over at least 50 bridges and along a creek bed and woods. At times I felt like we were in the movie E. T…We stopped halfway for lunch and then back to where we dropped the car off. Definitely, a must do if you love biking, sounds of water and nature.

We are off…

As you can see it was a bit chilly for us Floridians…

We all we’re getting hungry so off we went to the little cafe with the special chocolate cake ( Johnny & Mel type of lunch ) actually this stop was where Daniel Boone camped back in the day. How cool is that?

Before we ate we had to wait for John to cross the Appalachian Tr once again.

After that, it was most definitely lunch time for Johnny.

Heading back to Damascus and the end of the trail. Great day spent with great friends!

After we said our goodbyes to Mel & Bill we would head to Elizabethton, Tennessee to get our windshield on the drives side replaced. With what we thought would be a 24 hour trip ended up being two days. We made the best of it and did some sightseeing around town and even looked at some new manufactured homes for sale. Just not sure what our forever home will be or where.

Pictures of the Watauga Lake and drinks from the Restaurant the Captains Table that has a view of the lake from the bar area.

We did some Antique shopping while in Elizabethton bought me an iron skillet and something Mickey. RVing life is good…

We got back to the RV park in time to drive to Travelers Rest, SC for a Vintage Market Fest in the Park. It wasn’t very sunny so my pictures are not doing the scenery justice it was a beautiful drive there and back with some rain along the way.

The Vintage Market was a disappointment but on the way back to the car John meet some Scarecrows and decided to hang out with them for a bit…

Several bystanders gave John a round of applause not bad for someone pushing 70!!! Wink! Wink!

It was time to say good bye to Pineola NC…Our last Sunday at church I took pictures. The sun was shining brightly. You may be able to see-in the back ground Grandfather mountain. John and I both felt this area of people just does not seem as friendly as other places we have been. Not sure what it was about them but very surprising..

If you look real close you can see the mile high swinging bridge located on Grandfather Mountain. The Mountain is 5846 feet and the highest peak on the escarpment of the Blue Ridge Mountains and one of the major chains of the Appalachian Mountains – who knew?

Taken from the parking lot of St.Bernadette Catholic Church Linville, NC…( Grandfather Mountain in the background. )

Happy Halloween on to Nashville, TN…


Myrtle Beach, SC

After the threat of Florence was over we returned to our campground Carrollwoods RV Park in Tabor City, NC. The park was up and running with minor damage from Florence. The new problem was now the rivers were all rising from all the rain, and we were trapped and would not be able to go freely to Myrtle Beach. So we decide to move to Myrtle Beach State Park before there would be no getting out.

We was able to go to church on the first Sunday in MB and this particular church was the name of John’s Saint ( Saint Michael ) so we enjoyed the mass and the connection.

The week started out being on wedding day countdown. T minus 6 days and counting…on Monday morning of the wedding week Jamie and I went to airport to pick up part of the wedding party which was great nieces/ nephews and one of our granddaughters Briana Rose. Then on Monday afternoon Jack and his family would arrive. John and I were going to be surrounded by family/grandkids everywhere. Totally excited to see everyone…

My daughter in law Ashley we rarely get a picture together❤️

The photos say it all….no words needed Maddie made our day with all the hugs, kisses and telling us how much she missed us. Next to come to town would be Cody, Britt, and our three great-grandchildren…we could not wait to meet Peyton and get hugs from Avah and Addie… we would do the wedding rehearsal first before Britt would make it to town. That was a fun night more family photos of course and the picture of the whole bridal party.

GG meets and holds Peyton for the first time….😥 but a happy cry….

That is our newest great- granddaughter Peyton I’m holding. That the first picture of her and I. Avah is the other girl in the picture she is our oldest great-granddaughter..you can’t see Addie but she there and the mom of those three beautiful girls is Brittany she is our oldest granddaughter ( my side of the family )

The rest of the week was wedding prep duties and just chillin until the big wedding day. The weather was calling for 50% rain on the wedding day and Jamie and Darren were getting married on the Beach with an outside reception at a Beach House… Friday arrived to perfect weather. We could not ask for better weather if we had special order it. The wedding God was watching over these two amazing people. It was an awesome ceremony on the beach, and the reception was just as great.

Jamie was amazingly beautiful bride and I had the honor of giving her away…my sister Barb was definitely walking that walk with us!

More family pictures…

Nothing but pure love in this picture we are so blessed…

Next a few shots of the kids from the reception…

The next day would be the last day with my family from Florida so we decided to go to a place that had a few things for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t hold out but the little kids got to ride a few things and then back to the bridal house to say goodbye to Jack, Ashley, and family and Cody, Britt and girls would be leaving too. The flooding from Florence was still causing a problem but both families would have no problem getting back to Florida.

The bridal house was on Myrtle Beach and it was a very nice six bedroom, 6 bath house perfect for what Jamie and Darren wanted to start there new life together.

After all the goodbye were said John and I got to keep Briana with us till Monday as she would return to Ohio with the other part of the family that lived there. We had to stop by and drop off something to Cody some got to spend a little more time with them. Definitely not enough time with everyone but we will see them all in December except Briana so getting an extra day or two with her means so much. I love what John and I are doing, traveling on the peace bus, but I do miss family time just as much!

It was time to say goodbye to Myrtle Beach…Jamie and Darren, we love you guys and thanks for allowing us to be a part of your happy ever after journey…

The two RV parks we stayed at were very nice . We really enjoyed the location of the state park it sat right off the Atlantic Ocean and lots to do. Unfortunately this was our second time there and we really never got to enjoy the park. Hopefully next time when we return.



These pictures are taken at the state park…

Lucy thinks she going to chase a rabbit…

Till next time see you in the Mountains of NC…