April in Yuma

April started out awesome. The temps are around low 80’s and at night in the high 50’s nothing to complain about with those temperatures after all that what John and I are trying to do is chase that 80-degree temperature with no humidity. This will be our last month in Southen Arizona. First, of May, we start our trek to Northern Arizona where right now they are having the same great weather as we are.

Our site @ Shangai La RV Park Yuma AZ

We decided to go check out the local park area in downtown Yuma. Gateway Park runs right along the Colorado River. We packed a lunch and grab Lucy and off we went for an afternoon outside and a hike along the river.

We were excited to be able to be outside and also get Lucy some much-needed exercise. It was a beautiful day and lots of info of the area from back in the day. This is where they crossed the Colorado River back in 1775 to be able to continue on to California. They were helped by the Leaders of the Quechan tribe. With this route in place, settlers started flooding into California to settle in San Jose’ and Los Angelos..how cool is that! We did a little over a two-mile hike along the river. Something we have noticed is they do not seem to mark the trails too well in this area. It the desert and everything looks the same so we didn’t continue too far past where the river wasn’t in site.

Rattlesnakes Really?
John with the Colorado River in the background

After spending the day out in the wild we had some things to complete on the bus so when we finally leave Yuma we will be ready to roll. We changed the hardware ( actually just the handles ) John spray painted all the hinges about ( 100 plus hinges ) but he did it. Then instead of buying new lights ( Everything was gold on the peacebus ) my least favorite of metal colors. On Sea Crazy ( that was our 42 ft motor yacht for those that didn’t know that ) it was brass and that was ok but gold is definitely not my thing -too shiny.

New hardware and newly spray painted hinges and light fixtures to match. We picked oil polished bronze because it matches our faucets that John had put in right after we bought the Bus. We still have some gold looming around but not much we can do with what is left. Updating an 18-year-old motorhome can be challenging but fun and after all, we are retired so we have plenty of time for our DIY project… we were going to put cedar planks on the wall in the toilet area but when Scotty and Tammy was here Scotty said he had some cedar siding that he took off of an old lookout tower up near there cabin in New York. So in mid-September when we head to Lancaster for a month we will hopefully get to see if that siding will work.

We certainly are!

For Christmas Johnny bought me a sunflower kit as they are my fav flower and since we obviously can’t plant anything outside this was a great gift. I planted them when we were in Quartzsite back in Jan. Fast forward to mid-February ( keep in mind we are in the desert and there is no grass) I had been keeping the pot by the kitchen window and one day I moved it to the little desk by my chair and we left. When we got home Lucy had eaten every one of my plants. She has always eaten grass from time to time so I guess she was having withdraws lol and ate away! They were only in the green leaf stage but they were getting there. So off we go to get more sunflower seeds and so far they are growing pretty good! Fingers crossed that they make it this time.

New Sunflowers ( kept at a distance from Lucy! )

We went back to Mexico for the day and did some more shopping Papa John was on a mission to pick something up for the grandkids ( the parents are going to be thrilled 😂 ) but definitely fun stuff for us to do picking up little gadgets in our travels.

The border as you walk through to Mexico

Easter arrived with the temps in the high 90’s to 100 degrees…we want to holy Saturday mass… it is an amazing mass to be a part of. At St John, we started outside around a fire ( between sunset/ sunrise ) which gets blessed by the priest and the flames dispel the darkness and light up the night. The paschal ( waxed ) candle gets lit to evoke that Christ is the light of the world. We then proceed inside the church with the Priest and the Paschal candle leading the way. All of us then get our candles lit and we continue to the pews with the beginning of the Holy Saturday mass.It was very cool ✝️

Holy Saturday Night Service
Pennace Services
Saint John Neumann Roman Catholic Church Yuma, Arizona

On Easter, Sunday John and I enjoyed a quiet day with a small traditional meal of ham and sweet potatoes & veggies – cooked by Johns personal chef 😉 but before we ate we decide to go play a little putting on the 18 holes putting course they have at our resort. It got us a little exercise and a bit of competition between us. I had him by one – two strokes till the end! Johnny won by one stroke…my mom didn’t raise any dummy😏

Putting course I had the pressure on him!

Blooming cactus- beautiful!

For those of you that follow us probably have seen a picture or two of hummingbirds that I’ve posted along our journeys on facebook..it has been such a great hobby and Johnny and I love when they come to feed. While our first stop back in Quartzsite in Jan we had no problem having them come to feed…Yuma had been a bit of a challenge. They finally showed up this month and I was thrilled. We even got a baby for the first time. How cool is that! My almost daughter Tammy had bought me a t-shirt that says Mama Bear on it such a true statement as I sat there for days telling the little birds to come to to see me ( as I could see them flying around in the bushes behind us ) but they just never came to the feeder…finally they did!!!!

Male hummingbird
Baby hummingbird

We took several trips to Mexico as I had said in my blog the month before Yuma is right on the border of California and Mexico. This week we went back again and I can not say enough nice things about this little border town. The people are so nice and I also went to my new fav dentist that I love and got my teeth cleaned before we leave the area. Dr. Cynthia is so sweet and I’m so glad she got referred to me by Kathy in the office here at the RV Resort.

SMILE Johnny
Dr.Cynthia ( drcynthia@no8dentalcare.com)

After our dentist appointment we did a bit more shopping and I can not say it enough the people are so very nice. We caught up with Juan and he gave me a deal I could not refuse! Thank you Juan and we hope your business does well the rest of the year!

Juan & Me
Streets of Los Algodones
Border entrance by car
Border exit when you walk across
Exiting by car

We took a few strolls around our park and got some great shots as the sun was sitting. The park is pretty empty and John and I are ready to get on the road again. We are heading to Cottonwood, Az and then on to the Grand Canyon for the month of May.

Johnny & Lucy on our nightly walk
Beautiful desert sunset!

Another DIY project I’m working on is the kitchen. I ordered spice jars all the same size and transfer all my spices into them. In the galley in the peace bus I do not real have room for a spice rack so I use a drawer ( which I love ) but I could not tell which spice was which until now! How cool is that!!

New spice bottles
The End!

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