Grand Canyon National Park

We left Cottonwood, AZ and headed to Trailer Village RV Park inside the Grand Canyon. This was going to be one of the best RV parks we stayed in this whole year. It the only one inside the park that would take a rig as big as ours. Most state parks and National parks just do not accommodate larger RV. That the reason so many people have a smaller RV. For us, it just was not an option since we are full-time RV- ERS and we wanted to have the storage and also the room to have a washer and dryer. Though small fifth wheelers and motorhomes do have washer and dryers then they lack storage or queen beds, etc.


This would be John and I second trip to the Grand Canyon. The first trip was back in 2013 and we took a tour from Vegas. That trip we walked on the glass walkway that reaches out over the Canyon on the westside with the Colorado River below. …it was amazing….as most of you may know John is ( sorta ) afraid of heights, but he did good on the walkway..

Us on the SkyWalk (2013)

Trailer Village RV Park like I said was inside the Grand Canyon. How cool is that? You have to be on top of reservations to make that happen and of course, that is something else we like to do plan, plan, and plan. Not usually any issues with that way of traveling as they all have cancellation policies and most are very reasonable.

Entrance to Grand Canyon

Our first day there we hopped on the bus. It is so cool. You walk up to the end of the road wait for the bus and it takes you anywhere you want to go within the park just like Disney 😏 and the bus is free. Actually, during certain months to some of the spots, they do not allow cars so the bus is the only transportation. The bus is free to everyone that comes into the Park. We were at the south entrance. Our first stop was the visitor center and there you can also walk the brim of the ridge. It was a bit chilly that day but we decided to check it out for a couple of hours. I will have to say my pictures do not show the beauty of this place. It is absolutely amazing and gorgeous and every one of you reading this if you have not been you should most definitely put it on your bucket list, in my opinion. Fun fact- The Grand Canyon is the second most visited National Park. Anyone out there know the first most visited National Park? Well if you said The Great Smoky Mountains you are correct. Which happens to be my favorite Park too. How cool is that?!!

Yaki Point Trailhead
South rim of Canyon
Yaki Point
South Kaibab Trail

The South Kaibab trail wound down into the canyon and it seemed to be very popular but it was late afternoon and we had really no time to explore it. We headed back to the visitor center to get information for our next day hike. John checked out the map and planned a trail for us and how to take the bus to the trailhead. You basically had to transfer from one bus to the other to get where you wanted to go but honestly, it was no big deal as the buses run about 8-10 minutes apart.

Next day adventure 2-4 hike

We headed out for a full afternoon of exploring the Canyon. We had decide on the Bright Angel trailhead. This particular trail goes all the way down to the Colorado River. It actually is the trail that you take if you do the mule tour with a guide. John and I actually considered doing that. It a two-day trip on a mule. It 7 hours down to the bottom of the Canyon you spend the night at a ranch and then 6 hours back up. Really be a trip and experience of a lifetime. There were two things not cool about this -one was the price 2k for both of us, and secondly, those trails you follow are narrow and high so taking the mule/tour was off the table quick. With our walking sticks and bottled water in hand off, we went to explore natures beauty at Bright Angels Trailhead. This trail was three miles round trip and it went into the inner part of the grand canyon. Two to four hour hike with bathrooms at the halfway point down in the canyon. Can’t ask for anything better than that! So off we go.

A sign telling hikers what to do when they see mules.
One of two cutouts on our hike
This man keeps falling & can’t get up! What to do🤔
Second cutout in canyon
Almost to the resthouse & our turning point
We made it down ( easy part is over )
I have to go WHERE?

We made it to the first rest area with bathrooms. It took us about an hour and ten minutes. The hike down was just amazing and had lots people hiking down and back up. Some people that had started out early in the morning and went farther down in the canyon. We stopped to take a break and out on the rocks was this pesky little squirrel..someone on the other side of us thought it would be cool to feed them. Course there are signs all over not to do this 🙄

My Fav guy Grand Canyon Bright Angel Trailhead
Our view from the first resthouse & where we turned around
Up, up, we go!
On the way back up the canyon

After our short break, we would head back up the trail….to say this was a challenge is really putting it mildly. It was all uphill. We started at 6860 elevation and climbed down to 5720 ft. So now back up to the rim. We climbed and we climbed. Around every turn, John would say this is the steepest one yet, until the next one! 😉

We had a great hike up but it did challenge John and I. This is one of the toughest hikes to date. As I said it was a constant climb up. It never leveled off at any point even though in our minds we knew it was going to at some point ( we hoped.) It took thirty minutes longer to get up then to get down but that wasn’t surprising and actually, we were pretty proud of our selves. We usually don’t do tough hikes. The total miles we hiked was just over five miles and I believe this is our longest hike so far and did I mention the toughest…🤔

Almost back to the rim top ( NOT )
Grand Canyon South Rim

The next day we decided to grab the bus that had 8 different stops on it. It’s kind of like the buses you can get in tourist cities ( hop-on-hop-off type) but this bus took you around the rim of the grand canyon and you could see all the amazing views. Did I mention that it FREE? How cool is that? Neither one of us was sore so we’re pretty excited to get this day going. ( Little did we realize the next day would be when the soreness would strike ) Anyhow off we headed to the bus stop it was our last day stay at the RV park.

The view was amazing as we wait for the bus. Hermit Rest
Maricopa Point

One of our stops was where there once was a mine. It was one of the richest Uranium mine that dropped 1500 ft below the canyon. The mine actual goes back to 1891 when an orphan Dan Hogan discovered copper. He built a daring trail 1100 ft below ( where this picture is taken ) and in 1936 he gave up mining and built a lodge and trading post on the rim, which in 1947, became Grand Canyon Inn. The beginning of 1951 was when uranium ore would be discovered and it quickly changed the business world.

Below this shot is where the mine & trail was back in the day!

The next stop would be Hopi Point where we would get a good view of the Colorado River. Just a glimpse of it but a fantastic view of the Canyon as well

Colorado River looks green until the sun hits it

On to Mohave Point where the view is amazing and more viewings of the Colorado River below..we also would see elk along the way and then head back to the lodge would we heard food and drinks calling our name..

View of the Colorado River @ Mohave Point
Elk on our way back- just chilling!
Which way did she go?
Hermits Rest bus stop

Our last stop of the day would be lunch & drinks back at The Vavapai Lodge & Tavern. This lodge was part of the Mission 66 project where they would improve and provide better facilities to increase tourism by 1966 which would be the parks 50th was a great lunch and a great way to end our stay at Grand Canyon.


We leave Trailer Village RV Park and head to Williams AZ where our journey will continue….

Lucy hanging out on the peacebus at our new spot…

Dead Horse State Park Cottonwood, Az

We arrived at Dead Horse and found that we had the most amazing spot in the Park…lucky us! I actually had made the reservation a year before so that the reason we got the best site. Even the ranger at the check-in station said wow you guys have the best site and for two weeks! The history of this state park was pretty interesting. It started out as a ranch in the late 1940s. The ranch got named Dead Horse by the kids of the parents that bought the ranch. They had spent several days in the area looking for a ranch to buy and after they had tour all the ranches the father ask the kids which ranch they liked. They told him the one that had the dead horse on it. So Dead Horse Ranch it was. After the family sold the ranch to the state of Arizona in 1973 the one condition of the sale was they kept the name of the Ranch. Giving it the name The Dead Horse Ranch State Park. How cool is that!

Entrance to Dead Horse
Site #56 ( only pull thru ) our sweet spot for 2 weeks

Once we got set up and settled in we headed out to do some exploring we had three months in Yuma and we was ready for some different scenery and a few hikes. Lucy was happy to be outside again too. Yuma got way to warm for us at the end of our stay there.

On the trail
Love seeing these pretty Cactus blooming..
Verde River
Our view from our hike

Our first town we visited was Prescott it was about one hour and half drive from Cotonwood…the drive would take us up over route 89A through a old mining town named Jerome and when I mean up and over a mountain – WOW – it was crazy but very cool drive. The first time through was enough for us we came back to Cottonwood a different way but we would definitely head back to Jerome at some point.

Heading into Jerome
Best lunch spot in Prescott

We spent Cinco De Mayo day in Jerome. This once historic copper mining town could be found tuck away near the top of Cleopatra Hill between Prescott & Flagstaff. It was once known as the wickedest town in the west. It has a bit of a hippie flair to the town with many shops complimenting that theme. We had a great lunch at Bobby D’s BBQ and a pretty good margrita to celebrate the day!

Johnny the drink tester
On top of Cleopatra Hill ( Jerome in the background )

Our visit to a National Monument was to Tuzigoot Monument in Clarkdale AZ. Tuzigoot is an ancient village built by a culture known as the Sinagua. The Pueblo consist of 110 rooms including second and third story structures with the first building being built around A.D. 1000. This is one of two ruin sites we visited while in the area. Another stamp in my National PassBook. Very cool!

One of my fav signs
Johnny at The Tuzigoot Ruins

Our next town to visit was Sedona. Oh my gosh, amazing scenery, red rocks, and some awesome hikes and drives we took. The first thing we went to see was the Chapel of the Holy Cross Johnny surprised me with this pick. I had no idea what it was. Wow was all I could say when we first got there. The architect was a woman Marguerite Staude. Initially, she had envisioned the chapel as a modern-day skyscraper cathedral that would encircle one city block. Her early sketches impressed Lloyd Wright, the son of famous architect Frank Llyod Wright, but the archbishop in LA would not approve the sketches. Then a nunnery in Budapest was interested in the design and planned to build it above the Danube River. Unfortunately, WWII would stop those plans. After her parents past, she then decided to build the chapel in Sedona, a place she had become to love. Staude had changed her plan for the Chapel and Lloyd Wright was clinging to the original plans so therefore he would not work with her. So she hired a firm named Anshen & Allen from San Francisco. They jumped at the chance to build this unique Chapel. The Chapel was completed in 1957 at the cost of 300 thousand dollars and it quickly became recognized nationally. In the early years, the Catholic church held services in the chapel but it quickly became too small to meet the needs of the Sedona Catholic community so it became a shrine for people of all faiths. How cool is that!

Beautiful drive up to the Chapel of the Holy Cross
Chapel of the Holy Cross
Inside the Chapel
Taken on the grounds of The Holy Cross
John looking out towards Bell Rock & Courthouse Butte

Next stop in Sedona was a hike with Lucy. She had to stay in the car at the Chapel of the Holy Cros so now it was her turn to explore the Sedona back country. Right down the road was the Coconino National Forest and we took the Mystic Trail hike. Amazing scenery which included a small snake, beautiful flowering cactus, agave plant, unique Juniper tree and those gorgeous red rocks. It was a great hike!

Johnny & Lucy taken a break by the Juniper Tree
Agave Plant’s Asparagus Death Fetish
Lucy passed out after our big hike!

Back at Dead Horse, we decided to go find the Verde River and explore some of the state park. The trail was right out our door and it wound around the backside of the park. We hiked about a mile to the river and then followed the path along the river bank around and came out on the other side of the park. It was a pretty cool hike all by ourselves. We never saw one person on the trail so you actually feel like you have the park to your self. Which is pretty darn awesome!

Verde River
walking along the river bank
peace bus tucked in the trees

We headed back towards Sedona for a day of exploring. First stop would be the ruins at the V-Bar-V Heritage Site in the town of Rimrock. This site is the largest known Petroglyph site in the Verde Valley. If you have the National pass it free to get in otherwise it is five dollars and well worth a visit if you are in the area. From the visitor center it just a half mile walk to the ruins. The rock art consists of 1032 petroglyphs in 13 panels. The petroglyphs were created by Southern Sinagua residents between 1150 & 1400 AD. The site was known to early American settlers and became a part of the historic V-Bar-V ranch around 1907.

Beaver Creek Rock Art
Solar Calendar
The camp host giving Johnny info on the Solar Calendar

A solar calendar is also incorporated into the panel by taking advantage of the gap in the cliff to the right and several stones that have been placed in one of the crevices. A sun dagger lines up with certain symbols to mark the passing of both summer & winter solstices and the spring & fall equinoxes. These calendars are important for planting and also for timing of religious ceremonies for the blessing of moisture for crops and other necessities of life. After the ruins we would continue towards Sedona with a drive down lower & upper red rock canyon road. The red rocks are just amazing and no picture is going to show the true beauty of this area. John and I fell in love with the beauty of the red rocks.

Sedona red rocks

We went to a trail head that had caves at the end of it. It was a bit of a climb up and over lots of rocks and down, down and over lots of rocks that made up the trail. We did make it all the way down to the first cave. I had to bail out I got a bit dizzy so Johnny went down and got some pictures. Nonetheless it was another amazing hike, views, and picturesque photo opt. Life is sure good for Johnny and I as we are on a journey of our life.

Almost to the Caves
Johnnys selfie with the cave in the background
Help I’ve fallen and can’t get up!

The drive to Sedona is just so cool. Along the way you will see some amazing statues or unique art work in one of the many round-a-bouts you drive through. Just a very cool cool place to visit. I would say it should be on everyones bucket list. Lunch was in uptown Sedona with amazing views.

Some cool statues of kids on a log – Sedona
One of the statues in one of many round-a-bouts- Sedona

We went to uptown Sedona and had lunch and this was our view at Open Range Grill & Tavern. There are lots of places to eat and lots of shopping you can do. Just a very cool town and it has several different areas that offers so much to do and see.

Our last day in Cottonwood we spent a few hours in old town..we had lunch outside and then hit the streets to do some “Antique shopping” nothing like spending a few hours walking through two acres of Antiques. Johnny now loves doing this with me and of course I am always looking for something for our forever home…whenever that may be 🤔

My Fav Fellow
Our last picture Dead Horse State Park

April in Yuma

April started out awesome. The temps are around low 80’s and at night in the high 50’s nothing to complain about with those temperatures after all that what John and I are trying to do is chase that 80-degree temperature with no humidity. This will be our last month in Southen Arizona. First, of May, we start our trek to Northern Arizona where right now they are having the same great weather as we are.

Our site @ Shangai La RV Park Yuma AZ

We decided to go check out the local park area in downtown Yuma. Gateway Park runs right along the Colorado River. We packed a lunch and grab Lucy and off we went for an afternoon outside and a hike along the river.

We were excited to be able to be outside and also get Lucy some much-needed exercise. It was a beautiful day and lots of info of the area from back in the day. This is where they crossed the Colorado River back in 1775 to be able to continue on to California. They were helped by the Leaders of the Quechan tribe. With this route in place, settlers started flooding into California to settle in San Jose’ and Los cool is that! We did a little over a two-mile hike along the river. Something we have noticed is they do not seem to mark the trails too well in this area. It the desert and everything looks the same so we didn’t continue too far past where the river wasn’t in site.

Rattlesnakes Really?
John with the Colorado River in the background

After spending the day out in the wild we had some things to complete on the bus so when we finally leave Yuma we will be ready to roll. We changed the hardware ( actually just the handles ) John spray painted all the hinges about ( 100 plus hinges ) but he did it. Then instead of buying new lights ( Everything was gold on the peacebus ) my least favorite of metal colors. On Sea Crazy ( that was our 42 ft motor yacht for those that didn’t know that ) it was brass and that was ok but gold is definitely not my thing -too shiny.

New hardware and newly spray painted hinges and light fixtures to match. We picked oil polished bronze because it matches our faucets that John had put in right after we bought the Bus. We still have some gold looming around but not much we can do with what is left. Updating an 18-year-old motorhome can be challenging but fun and after all, we are retired so we have plenty of time for our DIY project… we were going to put cedar planks on the wall in the toilet area but when Scotty and Tammy was here Scotty said he had some cedar siding that he took off of an old lookout tower up near there cabin in New York. So in mid-September when we head to Lancaster for a month we will hopefully get to see if that siding will work.

We certainly are!

For Christmas Johnny bought me a sunflower kit as they are my fav flower and since we obviously can’t plant anything outside this was a great gift. I planted them when we were in Quartzsite back in Jan. Fast forward to mid-February ( keep in mind we are in the desert and there is no grass) I had been keeping the pot by the kitchen window and one day I moved it to the little desk by my chair and we left. When we got home Lucy had eaten every one of my plants. She has always eaten grass from time to time so I guess she was having withdraws lol and ate away! They were only in the green leaf stage but they were getting there. So off we go to get more sunflower seeds and so far they are growing pretty good! Fingers crossed that they make it this time.

New Sunflowers ( kept at a distance from Lucy! )

We went back to Mexico for the day and did some more shopping Papa John was on a mission to pick something up for the grandkids ( the parents are going to be thrilled 😂 ) but definitely fun stuff for us to do picking up little gadgets in our travels.

The border as you walk through to Mexico

Easter arrived with the temps in the high 90’s to 100 degrees…we want to holy Saturday mass… it is an amazing mass to be a part of. At St John, we started outside around a fire ( between sunset/ sunrise ) which gets blessed by the priest and the flames dispel the darkness and light up the night. The paschal ( waxed ) candle gets lit to evoke that Christ is the light of the world. We then proceed inside the church with the Priest and the Paschal candle leading the way. All of us then get our candles lit and we continue to the pews with the beginning of the Holy Saturday mass.It was very cool ✝️

Holy Saturday Night Service
Pennace Services
Saint John Neumann Roman Catholic Church Yuma, Arizona

On Easter, Sunday John and I enjoyed a quiet day with a small traditional meal of ham and sweet potatoes & veggies – cooked by Johns personal chef 😉 but before we ate we decide to go play a little putting on the 18 holes putting course they have at our resort. It got us a little exercise and a bit of competition between us. I had him by one – two strokes till the end! Johnny won by one stroke…my mom didn’t raise any dummy😏

Putting course I had the pressure on him!

Blooming cactus- beautiful!

For those of you that follow us probably have seen a picture or two of hummingbirds that I’ve posted along our journeys on has been such a great hobby and Johnny and I love when they come to feed. While our first stop back in Quartzsite in Jan we had no problem having them come to feed…Yuma had been a bit of a challenge. They finally showed up this month and I was thrilled. We even got a baby for the first time. How cool is that! My almost daughter Tammy had bought me a t-shirt that says Mama Bear on it such a true statement as I sat there for days telling the little birds to come to to see me ( as I could see them flying around in the bushes behind us ) but they just never came to the feeder…finally they did!!!!

Male hummingbird
Baby hummingbird

We took several trips to Mexico as I had said in my blog the month before Yuma is right on the border of California and Mexico. This week we went back again and I can not say enough nice things about this little border town. The people are so nice and I also went to my new fav dentist that I love and got my teeth cleaned before we leave the area. Dr. Cynthia is so sweet and I’m so glad she got referred to me by Kathy in the office here at the RV Resort.

SMILE Johnny
Dr.Cynthia (

After our dentist appointment we did a bit more shopping and I can not say it enough the people are so very nice. We caught up with Juan and he gave me a deal I could not refuse! Thank you Juan and we hope your business does well the rest of the year!

Juan & Me
Streets of Los Algodones
Border entrance by car
Border exit when you walk across
Exiting by car

We took a few strolls around our park and got some great shots as the sun was sitting. The park is pretty empty and John and I are ready to get on the road again. We are heading to Cottonwood, Az and then on to the Grand Canyon for the month of May.

Johnny & Lucy on our nightly walk
Beautiful desert sunset!

Another DIY project I’m working on is the kitchen. I ordered spice jars all the same size and transfer all my spices into them. In the galley in the peace bus I do not real have room for a spice rack so I use a drawer ( which I love ) but I could not tell which spice was which until now! How cool is that!!

New spice bottles
The End!

March In Yuma, Arizona

Before we knew it we were in our second month in Yuma…the weather was still a bit chilly but we had the sun shining and we could open up the windows a bit so it was becoming very promising that spring was here.

We went to the Yuma air show at The Marine Airfield Base. My first air show ever ( another first with Johnny ) it was quite the show and it was free so a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We love being able to attend local shows that the area has going on while we are in the area. We try to do our homework and make a list of things we must see….bucket list things, but at times it can be overwhelming as we do try to figure out where/ what to do and plan quite a few months out. So being in town for the air show was a plus. John really enjoyed it! It was a beautiful sunny day too!

These pictures below are the reenactment of Tora Tora Tora ( actual planes in picture that they used in the first movie made of Tora Tora Tora ) The attack on Pearl Harbor…at 7:55 am The leader Commander Fuchida sent the coded message ” TO, TO, TO, ” and “Tora, Tora, Tora” telling the fleet that the attack had begun and that the surprised and been achieved.

The re-enactment was amazing and intense and of course, you really had to be at the air show to get the full effects of the announcer doing the commentary over the speaker. He did an amazing job. It sorta was an eye-opener for me as my dad was in the Navy and he was there when the strike on Pearl Harbor happened and actually got injured doing the fight…sigh…had I only ask more questions when he would talk about those times. Now it is too late. 😥

It was family time so off to the airport to pick up Scotty & Tammy. They were coming for vacation and there first time staying on the Peace Bus with us, and there first time in Arizona. We went to Mexico the next day after there arrival. There they are on the streets of Los Algodones, Mexico. It about a twenty-five-minute drive. We cross over to California then to the border.

Streets of Los Angodones, Mexico

Pueblo Viejo Restaurant

We shopped, we walked the street of this small Mexico town and we met some of the nicest people. Everyone wants your money but they all did it in a nice way. Everything is ”almost” free and they definitely like to wheel and deal with you. It was a great day and now time to head back to the border crossing for a nice long wait. We drove and parked the car right next to the border crossing. Six dollars to park all day.. You walk into Mexico but to get out it is a bit longer.

Us waiting in line to cross back over into the states.

I know this is a quicker way..come on daughter let’s take a short cut

Once Johnny and Tammy realized that climbing over the wall into the states was not going to work it took us about 1.5 hours in line to go through the border crossing. They just ask you what you are bringing back in after they scan your passport and that it. You continue walking through the lines till you are back out where you parked your car. Pretty simple and a great time! We did eat at one of the restaurants right by the border and the food was good. The restaurant was recommended by several people we talked to. The margaritas where pretty good and only three dollars.

Not sure about these two guys. They look a little scary….and maybe a bit offensive hand signs too. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Monday we headed out to San Diego in the Peace Bus it was about 3.5 hours to The Sweetwater County Park where would we stay for four days. It was the second time we actually had people with us traveling on The Bus. When we got to Florida last November Kim and Sophie did ride with us from Orlando to the east coast state park. So it kind of cool to have family along for a trip so they can see what we do and why we love this life. We arrived at Sweetwater Regional Park in Bonita Ca and got everything set up so we could head into San Diego and check out Mission Bay.

The view from the our campground- how cool is that!

A shot of some houses on a hillside in San Diego

Probably one of the coolest parks we have stayed at. Tammy and Scotty sure enjoyed our sweet little spot. In the one picture, you see the countryside with all the house on the side of the mountain. That is part of San Diego. Rest of the shots are pictures of the area right around the park.

We headed out to Mission Bay which is a saltwater Bay ( lagoon) located south of Pacific Beach in San Diego. It a community built on a sandbar between the Pacific Ocean and Mission Bay. most of our travel time was less then 30 mins. Which was pretty sweet as we did have to travel a lot of the interstate but we managed to miss a lot of the traffic.

We will drink to that. Drinks were on Johnny. Taken tiki bar looking out at Mission Bay

It had about a three-mile boardwalk with restaurants, shops and lots of sand and beach. We did some shopping off the boardwalk and then stopped at one of the local restaurants for dinner.

The next day we went out on a boat to whale watch. We did see one grey whale ( I never got a good shot ) he never really surfaced where I could get any good shots and it was a bit chilly and windy so my picture taken skills was not the best on this trip. We did also see probably about 50-75 ” common ” dolphins ( that what they are called in the Pacific Ocean ) they were pretty amazing they jumped and followed along with the boat but no real good shots of them either. It was a three-hour boat ride and well worth the deal Tammy got off of Groupon. For the four of us 82 dollars. We spent quite a bit more in Boothbay, Maine last year just for the two of us.

This picture is of Tijuana. The blue building on the top right is the bullpen. Over to the left, the black line going up the hill is the fence ( wall ) to separate San Diego, from Tijuana. The border crossing is about the same as the town we crossed over into by Yuma but we did not go to Tijuana this trip. Have to wait till another time to check out Tijuana, Mexico. Just can’t do everything!

Back into the marina, I did get some shots of some harbor seals sunbathing on the dock area. They are so darn cute.

Left the Marina and headed to Pacific Beach which was down on the other end of Mission Bay. We walked the boardwalk and was able to walk out on the pier where they actually had cottage you could rent right on the boardwalk. That was a first for us we had never seen that before. They pulled their cars right out on the boardwalk as well. Walking on it was a little iffy we thought. Boards broke, creeping and cracking as we walked on it but it never stopped us from continuing on out so we could take some pictures. The surf was pretty intense and we wanted to get a selfie to send to our grandson Corey. So onwards we went 🤦‍♀️ absolutely beautiful view so glad we walked out there.

Beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean but very chilly, can you tell?

As you can tell it was chilly and windy in San Diego and especially near the beach. We are dressed like it winter ( it felt like it to us ) Scotty has shorts on and did finally put on a sweatshirt. Johnny and I are just not up to anything below 80 ( no humidity, of course ) so we sure are ready for the weather to warm up and stay that way. After we walked and shopped a bit we ate dinner and heading back to the RV. We did not care for our meal that we got but Tammy and Scotty enjoyed their meal so if in the area you may want to give it a try.

Our last day in San Diego it was calling for rain. We wanted to go kayaking at La Jolla where you can actually kayak from the Pacific Ocean into several caves. The weather being what it was we decided to so see the seals and walk down into one of the caves. How cool is that? So with the plan in place off we went to La Jolla Cove. I guess there are seals and sea lions. We could not tell the difference but gosh they are so darn cute.

Absolutely amazing views as we walked along the rocks near the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla. In the one-shot, you can see the storm is rolling in. We continued walking towards the cave area and ran into some more seals. It will be hard to describe what we saw, but we heard one seal crying and she was trying to make her way up to the beach ( to her mom we thought ) it appears she is not strong enough but the poor little thing keeps trying as she continues to cry.

If you look real close there the baby in the top right corner ( it not a rock ) ( I so needed to video these shots ) anyhow it appears the baby is making his way to the three larger seals ( not in the shot 🤦‍♀️ ) still crying loud enough that all of the people standing there with us are really feeling sorry for this poor seal …Then a wave comes pushing in another couple seals. Long and behold it her momma and the crying seal turns around and makes a mad dash towards her. She goes right up and kisses her momma. Nature at it finest! The whole crowd was cheering. Amazingly cool and beautiful is the only way to describe these shots. Again the two seals are in theright-hand side of the picture next to rocks closest to water.

Mama and baby reunited as mom comes washing into shore

Momma and baby reunited.

It was a beautiful few minutes watching nature at its best. We would continue to walk towards the cave area but mother nature had another idea in mind with a storm rolling in towards us so we decided to stop and eat. We went to smash burgers and it was delicious. First time for us and I had the chicken club with avocado it was yummy! I believe the rest of the group had burgers but we all loved our food. Pretty good for fast food. We hung out there till the rain stopped. We decided to go get the car as it seemed the place had thinned out once the rain came. We were about two miles away from the car and the cave ( both in different directions) so better to get the car first. We lucked out got a spot right next to the cave this time. That one thing about this place. Lots of parking but it can be challenging it was extremely busy and it was during the week. The weekend they say is mad busy. The parking is free you either had two-hour parking or three hours. The La Jolla actually has 7 caves but only one you can walk down into. The others can be reached by kayaking. Which would have been awesome if the weather would have been better. It cost five dollars to walk down inside the cave and you go through a little unique store first to reach the cave area. It a sea cave that about 200,000 years old. This particular cave is the only one out of 7 that has land access. The tunnel is manmade and was dug- out in 1902 by 2 Chinese laborers. The laborers were working for Gystav Shultz a German engineer that was also an artist on the side and he was coming to La Jolla to retire. His artwork got stolen on the boat on the way over so he needed a way to fund his retirement. So he had the tunnel dug to start charging admission in 1905. There are 145 steps down and it the original steps from 1912. Before the steps were made the guest descended by rope. How cool is that? Also another fun fact during prohibition the cave was used to smuggle alcohol into La Jolla. Another interesting fact- The name of this cave is The Sunny Jim Cave named by Frank Baum the author of The Wizard Of Oz. Who knew?

Away we go, only 140 steps left!

Down, down we go! Now stop and turn around & smile like you are loving the steps!

Amazing shot from the inside of the cave out to The Pacific Ocean

What a great time we had at La Jolla Cove ( thank you Motorhome Experiment for telling us about this spot ) we would head back to the Bus for a quiet evening at the campgrounds and heading back to Yuma the next day.

One last day with Tammy and Scotty before they would head back to Lancaster. Scotty wanted to see a bit of the Arizona scenery before he headed home. Our first stop was a visitor center close to us to see what / where was the best place to go. Info in hand we headed out for about a 45 min drive to Imperial National Wildlife Refuge.

Johnny leading the way

It wasn’t a long hike. Just about 2 miles. It made a loop so very easy to do but Scotty and Tammy got a great view of what this part of the county looks like. The views of the mountains out here are very pretty. After our hike, we went back into town to have lunch by the lake and that would be the end of our time with the kids. They headed out the next day for home. After the kids left Johnny got back to our DIY projects we have going on. Sprucing up the Peace Bus a bit. That is for us catch you all next month.

Johnny hard at work! Taken with my 8mm app on my iPhone.

State Map ~ at least one night stay while on the mickeypeacebus ~

Yuma, Az

Well, it been one month for us in Yuma….we are at Shangri-La RV Resort ( it comes with a pool/ hot tub/pool tables, pickleball courts, 18 holes putting course, and lots of other activities. Really hard to get bored with this lifestyle. The month of February was Yuma coldest month ever ( they said ) Johnny and I were cold and we did very little outside for the first three weeks. We are definitely Floridians at heart.

Once it got above 65 we ventured downtown. They had a craft fair on main street and we had lunch at the Prison Bar. Served us our food on the tin plates prisoners eat on and the bathroom doors creek like it would in a cell. Not that Johnny and I know from experience 🙄

One thing they do in this RV Park is walk. They walk with there pets, there partners/ holding hands, on a bike or alone but they do walk!

We took a 2.5-hour drive and went to Organ Pipe Cactus National Park. Once we got there I, of course, got my National passbook stamped and we also got to see the memorial that they have for Kris Eggle. Park Ranger that was slain in the line of duty from pursuing illegals. After the Visitor Center, we started out on our 21 miles drive through the park.

It was pretty amazing. The canyon was beautiful and we hiked up it and back. Saw amazing wildflowers blooming and cactus of all sizes and shapes. The organ pipe cactus park is the only place you can see the strand grow naturally. They can grow 15 ft and could live for 150 years. How cool is that?

The wildflowers Mexican gold poppy were beautiful… or was it because being in the desert for two months anything with color looked amazing to us 🤔 we did a 2.5-mile hike up and back with Lucy and it was a great hike. We did see signs posted about being on the lookout for illegals as the park borders Mexico, but we did not have any issues. Thank God!!! We had such an awesome time and to date our best hike this year!

On the way back to Yuma we had to stop at a couple checkpoints. We stop they ask Johnny if we are both U.S. citizens and he tells them SI’ I am, but senorita is not 😏 outcomes the dogs and the guns and we get our vehicle searched and Lucy is barking and growling at the border patrol dogs Then Johnny says oh just joking 🤦‍♀️ we have been banned from that route. LOL – life with Johnny!

Catch you all next month..we are doing some diy projects on the peace bus and Tammy and Scotty are coming for a visit. #familyfirst

Quartzsite, Arizona

We made it to Quartzsite a day earlier than had planned but was still able to check in to 88 Shades RV Park. We reserved a site for a month because it is cheaper to do that. $375 a month plus electric so very inexpensive and honestly the park needs some major updates so the price fit the park. On the plus side, it did come with cable tv which is a great amenity for Johnny ( he loves to watch movies at night ). I was even happy with the cable it had hallmark channel – no hgtv but after all, we were in the desert can’t have everything…

We had a camel come to the RV Park to visit us. The owner of the park Johnson sponsors a camel and on this particular day they had the Hi Jolly parade in town which includes camels and after the parade, Johnson has the camel trainer bring his camel to the park so everyone could see him and take pictures- pretty dang cool! Now to explain the camels and the man Hi Jolly that they celebrate. A little-known fact about this town of Quartzsite. Hi Jolly became his name once he came to America but he was born Hadjii Ali ( born ) 1828 -1902 ( death ) his parents were Syrian/ Greek parentage. In 1856 he became one of the first drivers ever hired by the US Army to lead the camel driver experiment in the Southwest. Hi Jolly became a living legend until his death. He was the lead driver in the US Army’s experiment with the U.S. Camel Corps in using camels in the dry deserts of Southwest. After successfully traveling round trip from Texas to Calif, the experiment failed, partly due to the problem that the Army’s burros, horses, and mules feared the large animals, often panicking, and the tensions of the American civil war led Congress not to approve more funds to the corp. So the Army let Hi Jolly go and he purchased a few camels from the Army and ran a freight service for a while but that business was unsuccessful so he released his camels in the desert near the Gila Bend. In his final years, he moved to Quartzsite where he did scouting for the US government until his death in 1902. So every year the town of Quartzsite celebrate Hi Jolly life. The End!

We actually came to Quartzsite to see one of the largest RV shows they have in the US with vendors and a huge gem show as well. That is what Quartzsite is known for. We follow on youtube and one of there videos showed the area so we thought we would check it out. As well as us coming we were hoping motorhome experiment would be there so we could meet up with them. They did come along with so we were part of a couple meetups and solar talk and bonfires. Pretty cool group of people and just goes to show you how easy it is to meet new people in all stages of your life. If you’re reading my blog because of the interest in being a fulltime RV-ER our advice go for it! It a great life -really it is!

themotorhomeexperiment ( Paul & Lorena )

veganrv ( Kevin & Laura )

We took a ride to the nearest town Parker AZ to visit a very unique bar. The name of it is Desert Bar/ Nellie E Saloon. Once you see the pictures you will understand the name…it was about a 40-mile drive to the cutoff then down a five-mile dirt/rock road to get to the bar. Also, a great place to ride your ATV/4 wheeler. It a quirky, rustic watering home, built on the site of a former mining camp, only open oct-april ( weekends only ) and they only accept cash! The place was pretty awesome and very busy. Thanks, to Motorhome Experiment for sharing the place with us…

As you can see John made it to the top of the mountain! Here’s a look inside the bathrooms ( below) which as you can see was carved right out of the mountain. Very unique fun place to visit. A must do if you are in the area!

Next up would be the RV show and vendor booths. We spent several days going there. We were able to ride our bikes to/ from each time which was very cool. Found some good buys on a few things and was able to get outside light for the bus. We toured several new/ used rvs in all kinds of price ranges with lots of cool upgrades and some used ones that weren’t so cool ( stained carpet/smokers ) at the end of the day John and I decided our coach is the best one. We are very blessed.

New peace sign for the bus and Johnny got him a cowboy hat. What a cutie he is in his new hat…

We stopped at the local bar called Silly Al’s with its vintage decor and inexpensive drinks it a must stop while in Quartzsite. Right next to it is a small museum where you can learn about the town history and see some of the rocks that they have found in the area. The gal that volunteers at the museum told us that someone had just found an ounce of gold only two feet below the ground. How cool is that!

On our way back to the RV Park we pass over several creek beds ( that what I call them ) but they have no water. In Arizona, it is called a wash bed which actually just means a habitat to indicate their relationship with rivers. It occurs in the flat bottoms of canyon and drainage that lack water at or near the surface most of the year, and are subject to periodic severe flooding. Who knew🤷🏼‍♀️

Of course, we went to mass in the local church. Had a spag dinner one night as well. We so enjoy interacting with the local town people, but as with us, there is a lot of people from different parts of the US. Makes for very interesting small talk at these functions. Selfie was taken of course with Father Richard.

It was time to leave Quartzsite and I am so glad we came but it would not be a place I would return to unless in the area. For RV-ERS that like to boondock, there are hundreds and hundreds of places to do so on what they call BLM land. You can stay up to two weeks for a mere forty dollars and they do have fresh water and a dump station available. We may do that for a few days on our way back next year ( for the experience of boondocking with nothing but mountains and stars around you ) but for now, it was time for us to head down the road to Yuma where we will spend the next three months. Thanks so much for following our journey and we certainly hope you love seeing the country through our eyes as much as we enjoy sharing with each and every one of you guys.

Arizona Bound

January first we left Indian Creek Rv Park and headed west. Our first stop would be New Orleans where we would stay at Lake Pontchartrain Landing Marina & RV Park.

It sat right on the water and we had a great spot and a great view of the marina and some cool looking houseboats ( maybe our next adventure – 🤷🏼‍♀️ )

We took the van to downtown New Orleans that the RV Park has available ( six dollars round trip ) walk the streets it was calling for rain, but we were well prepared with rain jackets, umbrellas, and dressed in layers. After walking Bourbon street for a while Johnny wanted to find a bar that he remembered from back in the ’80s when he was last in New Orleans. It was a bar that had dueling pianos…we found it and actually had dinner and then moved to the bar to have drinks and listen to the music. It was females playing the piano pretty interesting and very cool. The crowd seemed to be a tad younger than us but we still enjoyed the whole night.

He was awesome at playing the tray! Johnny wanted me to give him a tip! Very interesting talent tray playing lol….

It was time to head back to the drop-off point to catch our ride back to the RV Park. It was pouring rain and if you know us I walk fast Johnny walks slow. Usually, I stay with John but did I mention it was pouring rain, yes we had rain jackets and umbrellas but we were still getting rained on. So we head out me mainly leading we keep walking Johnny walking too slow for me I’m telling him, Johnny come on we are going to miss our ride. People on the street are telling him as they pass him you better hurry up John your going to miss the van. We keep walking and now John says we are going the wrong way, no no we aren’t John hurry up walk faster I tell him., Sure enough, we miss the pick up time and had to call Uber. Once we get home to get dry it then gets funny because neither one of us had the presence of mind to read the map that the van driver gave us OR use my 8 plus iPhone that could have taken us to the exact spot we needed to be picked up at. It can be an adventure when we go out and alcohol is involved and directions need to be figured out. New Orleans is a must stop and it was on our bucket list now ✅ off our list!

We left New Orleans to our next stop San Antonio, Texas. We would arrive at Hidden Valley RV Park where we were greeted by the nicest person ever in an RV Park. Actually, the people of San Antonio were all very nice and helpful. John and I think probably the nicest people we have come across so far. Along the way, we crossed some very very old bridges that I was a bit nervous about crossing. We, of course, crossed all of them with no issues. We went to Mass on Sunday and had to have some tires put on the Kia and visited the local Mall had lunch then headed back to the RV Park to take Lucy on a walk and catch a pretty cool sunset…

We attended mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus founding date is June 1935. Selfie with Father is icing on the cake after an awesome mass. Thank you, Father 🙏🏻✝️

Lucy enjoyed our walk around the RV Park and then up the hill to catch the San Antonio sunset

The next day we went to downtown San Antonio. We first visited the Alamo which was very cool and free to go through. If you want a guided tour then you have to pay for that. You are not allowed to touch any of the walls and at the time of our visit, some area was being renovated to stay as true to the mission as they can. As you may or may not know that actually what the Alamo was ” A Mission”. No pictures were allowed to be taken inside the Alamo either.

After we conquered the Alamo we walked to the Riverfront. Wow it is so cool there you walk through the Hilton and it takes you to where restaurants, shops are. You can take a boat ride through the waterfront which is about a 40-minute ride and you get the scoop on most of the history of San Antonio. One thing that we learned was when they built the Hilton ( right across the street from The Alamo ) they had to build it with certain glass in the windows so they did not cast a shadow on the Alamo. Who knew

We had dinner at The Casa Rio right on the riverwalk and I enjoyed one of the best Margaritas I’ve had in a while ( other than Johnny’s ) and John had a local beer…Alamo Golden Ale…It was a great night as we walked the riverwalk and then headed over to the Cathedral.

This is where heroes of the Alamo remains are. Inside the Cathedral…San Fernando Cathedral is from the 18th century and it was the first Catholic church built in San Antonio. The church was named after Ferdinand the third Castile, who ruled in the 13th-century. It is also notable one of the oldest active cathedrals in the US. Amazingly beautiful and these pictures do not show its beauty. I absolutely love that we can visit all these amazing places..we certainly are blessed. After the tour of the beautiful Cathedral, we walked back to the river walk and took a boat tour through the downtown. Pretty cool thing to do cost was only 20 dollars for both and well worth the trip. It a 40-minute ride through the waters of downtown San Antonio…tour guide was pretty cool guy as well. If you are in the area it a must see in our opinion….

It was time to leave San Antonio and continue our journey to Arizona. Our next stop was something on Johnny bucket list Tombstone AZ. The speed limit increased ( a lot ) and we would pass through a checkpoint. At the first one they had dogs out but they just ask John how many were in the RV and let us go on down the road. I guess The Mickeypeacebus didn’t seem to be a threat especially with two old people like us on the bus with a crazy cavapoo barking at them 🤦‍♀️

We had stopped in a rest area for the night and when we woke this was the amazing sunrise we woke up to in New Mexico. Doesn’t get much better than this! We are truly blessed…

This is the checkpoint we had to go through…everyone has to go through it. This was before the govt shutdown I would assume they probably are lots tighter during the shutdown. Even though they didn’t seem to be having any issues when we passed through. It was very interesting as I had no idea we would deal with this. Once we crossed over into New Mexico / Texas obviously lots closer to the Mexico border.

Between San Antonio and Tombstone, the traffic slowed down a bit so I drove the bus we were traveling on me – 10 so it was pretty easy going. I didn’t drive but a half hour or so just to get the feel of the rig. The steering is very loose so I need more drive time before I can say I’m good. At the time 30 mins were all I could handle with Johnny being the co-pilot 😏 To get to Tombstone we would get off I-10 and have to travel about 20 miles down some back roads. So once again another checkpoint. This one was quick and simple no dogs and they just said how many and have a good day. Whew! Two checkpoints in one day, but we did it! The next day we took the van service at the RV Park to Tombstone. It was chilly and rainy but we didn’t care we only had one day so we had to go see the town. As soon as we got dropped off we were greeted by a gun-slinging cowboy waiting on us to go see the re-enactment of a few the gunfights at the local saloon. it was the gunfight palace and they do a great job of taken you back and re-enacting the wild west.

After that show, we walked the famous Allen Street down to the Ok Corral. They do the same thing there is a re-enactment of the shoot out of the OK Corral. The showdown lasted 30 seconds left three cowboys dead and Virgil and Morgan Earp wounded. Actual place of the shooting still there amazing did you know that? Pretty cool….

This is the actual site of the big shoot out at The OK Corral. They say 30 bullets in 30 seconds was the entire gunfight.

John with Doc Holiday and the Earp Brothers telling them not to shoot! After this Johnny said he was starving I guess watching all those men getting shot makes a man hungry. So we strolled on over to Big Nose Kates Saloon, she was Doc Holiday’s girlfriend ( first known prostitute in the town of Tombstone ) and one of the witnesses to the gunfight at the OK Corral. The Saloon is in the place where the Grand Hotel was back in the day of the wild west. This was the best part of the day for me. I was chilled to the bone after watching the 30-minute gunfight ( in the rain ) and ( sitting on cold metal benches) so I was ready to hit the saloon and have us some whiskey and grub…

The menu was an old newspaper with stories about the Wild West and food picks all rolled up in one..very cool

Even had a gunslinger at the bar. The girls dressed like they did in the 1800s and there was live music and lots of stuff hanging off the walls. It was good food good drinks and very inexpensive town to visit and be a tourist in. Several museums to see and you actually get a copy of the newspaper from the day after the shoot out of the ok corral with the story being told about whether the Earp brothers were murders or not? They concluded after 30 days of testimony that the Earp brothers along with Doc Holiday were not to be charged with murder…

We drank our whiskey ate our grub than headed over to the museum with a stroll on the famous Allen Street ( main road down the center of town ) before leaving the Old West behind and seeing how things were in the 1800s. In the days of The Earp’s and Doc Holiday Tombstone was a bustling town of about 8000 people. Pretty cool!

Johnny on the famous Allen Street trying not to get killed….

Time for us to leave Tombstone and head down the road to our final destination Quartzsite AZ. We will stay there for the month of January…